04 April 2013

GIRLS AGAINST BOYS Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby 1993

Thanks to Raul


[+] by John Bush
Girls Against Boys' dual-bass attack and Scott McCloud's wheezy sing-speak vocals (reminiscent of the Fall's Mark E. Smith) produce an energetic, if sometimes noisy, sound that would probably annoy listeners if it weren't for the Baltimore band's great Fugazi-influenced songs. The band's 1989 debut album, Tropic of Scorpio, appeared on the Adult Swim label, followed by a leap up to the major indie Touch & Go for Venus Luxure No. 1 Baby. The albums that followed -- 1995's Cruise Yourself and 1996's House of GVSB -- charted the growing fortunes of Girls Against Boys, but their jump to major label Geffen, 1998's

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