18 April 2013

THE POPGUNS Eugenie 1990


[+] by Jason Ankeny
Brighton, England, jangle-pop band the Popguns was formed in 1988 by former Wedding Present drummer Shaun Carman in association with vocalist Wendy Morgan, guitarists Simon Pickles (the group's primary songwriter) and Greg Dixon, and bassist Pat Walkington. Debuting with "Where Do You Go?," a flexi-disc included with the fanzine How Many Beans Make Five?, the group issued its first official single, "Landslide," in 1989, with the full-length Eugenie appearing on the Midnight Music label in 1990. Charnan left the Popguns in the wake of their 1991 follow-up, Snog, but the group forged on, although a three-year hiatus preceded the release of the single, "Star," their first effort for new label 3rd Stone. Their third LP Love Junky appeared in 1995, although since the release of A Plus de Cent a year later the group has remained silent.
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can you post any game theory or loud family? hard to come by on the net. thanks.

Hixson Tennis Coach said...

The Loud Family website is giving away the entire Game Theory discography via Dropbox.