15 April 2013


by request


by Sean Carruthers

Moving away from the higher volume that marked their first album, 10 Speed also starts to show less reliance on the band's early influences (although the very beginning sure sounds like Husker Du, doesn't it?). It's a solid album pretty much all the way through, with more of the band's own personality. It's also a notable release for another reason: it was one of Nettwerk's initial forays into the world of mixed-media compact discs, and Nettwerk was one of the first labels to try it, meaning, this was one of the first commercially available multimedia audio compact discs. Not all of the copies released to the public had the multimedia portion, however; those who didn't get the multimedia instead got an excellent cover version of Blondie's "Heart of Glass" with Kristy Thirsk of Rose Chronicles on guest vocals. 


1 Pound For Pound 4:34
2 Horn O'Plenty 3:04
3 Brand New Song 3:43
4 Gouat Eeyesss 1:31
5 Phantom Tollbooth 5:12
6 Just A Sec 2:32
7 Sinker 4:04
8 Neither The Players 2:27
9 Mouser 4:37
10 Chihuahua 3:47
11 Neath 1:06
12 Pothead 4:01
13 Time Killer 4:59
14 One Hour Action / Drama 3:59


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Michael Toland said...

Thanks for this - I've been looking for it since I heard the most recent record.

Guided By Johny said...

Awesome thanks! I ripped my CD, but Time Killer, the closing track, skips like mad. It is also my favourite MM song.


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