18 April 2013

THE LOUD FAMILY Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things 1993

by request

R.I.P. Scott Miller (1960 - 2013)


by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

After dissolving Game Theory, Scott Miller formed Loud Family, releasing their first album, Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things, in early 1992 on Alias Records. Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things received good reviews and maintained Miller's cult following, as did the subsequent EP, 1993's Slouching Towards Liverpool. In 1994, Loud Family released their second album, The Tape of Only Linda. The group's third album, Interbabe Concern, appeared in the late summer of 1996, followed two years later by Days for Days. Loud Family resurfaced in early 2000 with Attractive Nuisance.


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