13 March 2014

THE CLEARS self titled 1997

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Tennessee synth pop? Pawn-shop Rolands and Kraftwerk-esque black rubber suits aside, the Clears have managed to rise out of Memphis with a sound that tips its hat to the synth gods of the '80s like Gary Numan without the cheesiness that follows most bands making an effort to sound retro. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1997 by Smells Like Records, shows off their addictive utopian-machine music, put together by a trio who all keep a hand on the keyboards while making their own unique contributions on other instruments: Alicja Trout on vocals and guitar, Chris Clarity on vocals, and Brad Pounders on drums and vocals.

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1 Frozen Fun
2 The C.L.E.A.R.S
3 Against It
4 Money
5 The Next Thing
6 Eggs Montreal
7 Rock 'N Roll Band
8 I Saw You
9 Ties Me Up
10 Blue Doctors
11 Cling Away From Things
12 Untitled
13 Chinese Kite

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