21 March 2014

THE NEW GRAND self titled 1996

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The New Grand's self-titled debut features lots of infectious pop songs with slightly pouty vocals. The band takes cues from bands like the Replacements, XTC, and notably Weezer, especially on songs like "The Get Up," "Triple Jointed," "Hey Now," and "Zeros and Ones." A concise, consistently energetic album, this is where good, nth-generation pop bands like Shyne Factory get their inspiration. Other standouts are "Hamfisted," "Ready Steady Go," and "Take My Advice," although there is no filler on this recording. 


1 Burn All The Biddies
2 The Get Up
3 Take My Advice
4 Hamfisted
5 Hey Now
6 Banner Year
7 Zeros And Ones
8 Bailey
9 Triple Jointed
10 Best Spot In Line
11 Ready Steady Go
12 Hold The Phone

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