09 April 2015

SEA TIGER The Teenage Bandit 1998

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The electronic rock unit Sea Tiger began its existence as a side project of the Sorts' Josh LaRue and Stuart Fletcher, but later grew to also include members of Crownhateruin, Hoover and Regulator Watts. Sea Tiger's debut effort, The Cyberporpoise, appeared in 1997; Teenage Bandit followed in 1998. 


1 Into The Teenage Bandit
2 King Cab
3 Texas MacNite
4 Blind Reggie White
5 Werejaguar
6 Casts Of Thousands
7 Reality Speaks For Itself
8 Supernatural Features
9 Song E (Live)
10 Acetone
11 Winning A Championship
12 Reggie's Groove
13 Taco's Space Rap
14 My O.M. Flyer


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