28 April 2015

URBAN BLIGHT Playgrounds-N-Glass 1992

by request

Enduring downtown NYC band known for playing a mix of ska, r&b, funk, pop, and reggae, which lasted from 1978 until 1998. The core of the group (aka the "Magic Six") were Keene Carse, Jamie Carse, Tony Orbach, Wyatt Sprague, Paul Vercesi, and Danny Lipman. Among their drummers was Mackie Jayson, best known as a member of The Cro-Mags. 


Just Like The Moon 6:09
Don't Stop The Rain 5:33
I'm A Dreamer 2:41
Tempted By Silver 4:37
Knock Me Out 3:47
Tall 'N Lonely Buildings 4:31
3 More Roses 3:59
I'll Be There 4:19
Favorite Flavor 4:57
Get Closer (Live) 8:12

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