16 April 2015

THE CROWNHATE RUIN Until The Eagle Grins 1996


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A member of Washington, D.C.'s Dischord roster, the Crownhate Ruin formed in 1994 and lasted only until the end of 1996, but not before they were able to record and release an album, 1996's Until the Eagle Grins. Frederick Erskine was the bassist and vocalist, Joseph McRedmond was the guitarist and vocalist, and Vin Novara was the drummer. Both McRedmond and Erskine had previously spent time in the short-lived Hoover, another band that recorded for Dischord. Like many of their label mates, the Crownhate Ruin played an explosive brand of post-hardcore indie rock that relied on slashing guitars and screamed vocals. Erskine moved on to June of 44, just before Hoover briefly reunited for a release on Slowdime. 


1 Ride Your Ride 4:25
2 Late Arriving Rock Dudes 4:07
3 Stretched Too Thin 4:07
4 In The Four Years To Come 6:46
5 Every Minute Sucker 3:33
6 Tornado Season Finale 7:59
7 Better Still If They Don't Know 4:04
8 Piss Alley 5:29
9 You Will Wish Me Dead 2:39
10 Blood Relative 6:15

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