24 April 2015

SYMPOSIUM One Day at a Time 1997

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The London group Symposium arrived on the tail end of the Brit-pop explosion, landing in that no-man's between Blur vs. Oasis and Radiohead's OK Computer with a reputation as a blistering live act and a distinctly non-Anglo variety of cheeky punk-pop. Unfortunately, the group's debut album, On the Outside, failed to capitalize on the early promise of the single "The Answer to Why I Hate You" or their reputation (spurred by the cover of Melody Maker) as the Best Live Band in Britain. Symposium, which consists of Ross Cummins (vocals), Hagop Tchaparian (guitar), Joe Birch (drums), William McGonagle (guitar), and Wojtek Godzisz (bass), formed at school in Kensington, West London, in the mid-'90s. 


Drink The Sunshine 3:56
One Day At A Time 2:50
Farewell To Twilight 3:11
Puddles 3:02
Fairweather Friend 4:36
Fear Of Flying 4:07
Fizzy 2:14
Smiling 3:25

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