28 May 2015

GRASS OF '96 Various Artists



1 Chimera (4) Catch Me
2 Chimera (4) Night Song
3 Wrens, The Surprise, Honeycomb
4 Wrens, The I've Made Enough Friends
5 Ditch Witch Fake A Smile
6 Ditch Witch Steal This Town
7 Half Hour To Go Theatre In The Round
8 Half Hour To Go Shave
9 Marshes, The Offshore
10 Marshes, The Obnoxious
11 New Radiant Storm King Embry's Crossroads
12 New Radiant Storm King Blood For A Vase
13 Godplow That Metallic Taste
14 Godplow Beat On The Love Box
15 O-Matic No Pinky, No Leather
16 O-Matic Slow Ass Cadillac
17 Wasted Time Why's The World?
18 Wasted Time Imitation
19 Seade Kool-Aid Mustache
20 Seade Watered Eyes
21 A Ten O'Clock Scholar Infant

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