21 May 2015

RIDEL HIGH Hi-Scores 1997

by request

Artist Biography by
Named in tribute to both singer/bassist Kevin Ridel and the school featured in the classic musical Grease, the Los Angeles-based alternative pop trio Ridel High also featured guitarist Steve Leroy and drummer Steve Coulter. The group debuted in 1997 with the indie label release Hi Scores; upon signing to A&M in 1998, Ridel High retooled a handful of the album tracks for re-release under the name Emotional Rollercoaster


1 Self-Destructive
2 Monsters Under Your Bed
3 180
4 Look At Me Now
5 Mouthful Of You
6 Another Song About Lying
7 As If The Sky Were On Fire
8 Disqualified
9 Places People Hide Their Money
10 Her Perspective From My Perspective
11 Battleship Grey
12 Galaxy Girl
13 Hello


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