17 October 2015

CALM self titled 1996

Short lived emo/punk band 
If you like bands on Old Glory Records or Ebullition, I'd recommend this.


A1 We've Made A Contact But Worship Silent I Make A Whisper I Am A Sinner 3:11
A2 Slide The Needle In Under Blue Skin I Took A Picture So I Still Can Burn You 2:03
A3 The Spirits Fall Upon The Wheel To Turn The Spokes With Angel Grace When I Am Gone With Broken Wings The Spirits Fall To Take My Place 3:37
B1 Demons Reloading Such A Beautiful Disease Trigger Pull This Trigger 2:35
B2 Silk Wrapped Hands In A Masquerade Even When Things Are Picture Blue I Keep It Under My Pillow Now Just In Case Theres Nothing Left To Do Outrun Myself 2:41
B3 Be Still / We Will Live Like Thunder 6:11

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