17 October 2015

WILLARD Steel Mill 1992

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Artist Biography

Named after a character from James Herbert’s book, The Rats, Willard were formed in Seattle, USA, in 1991, by Johnny Clint (vocals), Mark Spiders (guitar), Steve Wied (drums), Otis P. Otis (guitar) and Darren Peters (bass). They were picked up by Roadracer Records the same year. Subtitled The Sound Of Fuck!, their debut album, Steel Mill, released in July 1992, was a powerful and uncompromising debut, with influences ranging from traditional metal sources such as Black Sabbath to the more hardcore-derived output of Nirvana and Henry Rollins. 


1 Fifteen
2 Seasick
3 Sweet Kali
4 No Confession
5 Steel Mill
6 Monotony
7 Stain
8 High Moon
9 Hod
10 Double Dragon
11 Folsom
12 Water Sports


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