03 April 2016

JUNKET SF. Claremont Hi 1996

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The San Francisco based Junket emerged from the early 90s scene associated with the Shrimper label along with bands like Refrigerator, Nothing Painted Blue, Franklin Bruno, and The Mountain Goats. The band existed from 1991-1993, and a collection of their entire recorded output (S.F. Claremont Hi, 1996, RoadCone) was released posthumously on the Portland, Oregon label Roadcone records. Junket's sound had a lot in common with 90s indie heavyweights Pavement and Sebadoh, but often borders on the slower style of Seam or Bedhead.
1 Flounder
2 Pile
3 6AM
4 That's What You Always Say
5 Satan Creme Love
6 Nascent B.C.
7 (Untitled)
8 Everclear
9 Four Minutes Too Long
10 Snub
11 Tiresome
12 Happy Happy Fun
13 Hellraiser XVII
14 Bad Wheels
15 The Biggest Liar
16 Junket


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