10 April 2016

SUPERSPORT 2000 1995

by request

Here are all of the Supersport 2000 songs I could find. They include the Pinkslip 7 inch which is mixed in with the songs. Apparently someone requested this a while back so was just able to find these recently. Apparently there was a full length self titled release on Boy's Life Records but it's not listed on Discogs.

AllMusic Review by

This is a nice little out of print gem that could probably be found in a quarter bin if one were to look hard enough at the right record store. Basically, Supersport 2000 combine a formula of crunchy guitars and melodic female vocals that remain at a mid-tempo pace. Charming and catchy in that punky alternative pop sort of way, this is definitely one of those records where one would have to overlook the ridiculous band name. 

Pinkslip 7 inch
A1 Pinkslip
B2 17 Braids 

Miscellaneous tracks
1. DC 9
2. It's So Easy
3. Spinner
4. Faster Kiddies
5. I Love Christian Stone
6. Killin' Spree
7. Sr. Benito

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