12 April 2016

LLAMA FARMERS Dead Letter Chorus 1999

Thanks to Pete

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Greenwich, England grunge-pop quartet the Llama Farmers was formed by guitarist William Briggs and drummer Brooke Rogers in 1997; after sacking their original frontman and bassist, the schoolmates tapped singer Bernie Simpson and his bassist sister Jenni, and although none of the four was yet out of their teens, they soon opened for the Foo Fighters, recording their debut session for Radio 1's Steve Lamacq a week later. The Llama Farmers' first single "Paper Eyes" appeared in the spring of 1998, followed in the summer by "Always Echoes"; their Beggars Banquet debut LP, Dead Letter Chorus, was released in 1999. El Toppo followed two years later. 


1 Get The Keys And Go 3:27
2 Lull 3:36
3 Pornaco 2:29
4 Zorillo 3:34
5 When We Were Friends 3:18
6 Big Wheels 3:41
7 Jessica 1:56
8 Yellow 3:09
9 PVC 3:15
10 Always Echoes 3:15
11 Forgot To Breathe 2:55
12 Kill Will 2:54
13 The Picture 4:58

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