14 April 2016

LOFOFORA Lofofora 1995

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French alternative metal band Lofofora formed in 1989, ranking among France's most politically engaged outfits, with their blend of punk, alternative, and rap-metal and witty, concerned lyrics quite comparable to the work of Rage Against the Machine. Their album discography reached half a dozen titles by the late 2000s, at which time Lofofora encountered trouble with their fan base regarding the very existence of their MySpace page, which some fans deemed to be in complete opposition to the band's D.I.Y. punk ethics. The band's earlier position vis-à-vis the digital music market had previously garnered additional controversy, but Lofofora subsequently remained active despite such issues.


1 Holiday In France 3:48
2 No Facho (Dub Spirit) 4:58
3 Elvis (Martyr Et Tortionnaire) 3:33
4 Les Meutes 3:51
5 L'Oeuf 4:15
6 Subliminable 6:32
7 Justice Pour Tous 1:39
8 Le Désordre 4:02
9 Nouveau Monde 4:50
10 Baise Ta Vie 4:45
11 Really TV 3:59
12 Irie Style 6:12

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