08 February 2017

BOB LOG III School Bus 1998

by request

Artist Biography by

Tucson, AZ-based blues-punk primitive Bob Log III first surfaced a member of the art-noise group Mondo Guano, later serving as one half of the duo Doo Rag. While appearing in support of Ween, Doo Rag percussionist Thermos Malling abruptly quit the tour, leaving Log to finish out the remaining dates as a solo act; wearing his now-trademark motorcycle helmet onstage for protection from crowds, he proceeded to hone a cacophonous, Delta blues-inspired noise distinguished by Latin-styled drum machine beats and vocals processed through telephone microphones. In the summer of 1998, Log signed to Fat Possum to issue his solo debut, School Bus; Trike, the second release in his ongoing "Vehicle Series, " followed a year later. 


1 String Around A Stick 2:38
2 All The Rockets Go Bang 2:50
3 Fire In The Hole 5:23
4 Big Ass Hard On 1:47
5 Duck Back Down 2:40
6 Old Lady Jones 1:511
7 Look At That 2:22
8 Clock 3:49
9 I Want Your Shit On My Leg 2:00
10 Cold Motor 1:55
11 Pig Tail Swing 1:57
12 The Look At The Walk 3:12
13 Land Of A Thousand Swirling Asses 2:52

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