28 February 2017

JUDE COLE A View From 3rd Street 1990

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Jude Cole
Jude Cole joined the British power pop band the Records in 1980, after their first album was released, and remained with the group for one album. After a few years, Cole then re-emerged with his own solo record, 1987's self-titled Jude Cole, which was a much slicker, mainstream-oriented affair than any of the Records' records. The album did have its charm, but it was unfortunately ignored. That was not the case with his second album, 1990's A View from 3rd Street, which had a bona fide hit single with the sweet, yearning "Baby, It's Tonight." Another single from the album hit the Top 40, as Cole enjoyed a surprise success. Although he wasn't able to repeat his success with the follow-up, it was another solid album of mainstream pop/rock, full of shiny hooks and sleek, memorable melodies. Cole later delved into production and other behind-the-scenes work, eventually opening the Ironworks label with actor Keifer Sutherland. 


1 Hallowed Ground 5:20
2 Baby, It's Tonight 3:42
3 House Full Of Reasons 3:56
4 Get Me Through The Night 4:15
5 Time For Letting Go 4:20
6 Stranger To Myself 3:58
7 This Time It's Us 4:35
8 Heart Of Blues 5:01
9 Compared To Nothing 4:10
10 Prove Me Wrong 4:47

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