08 February 2017

YOU AM I Goddamn 1992

by request
 same tracks as Snaketide

Artist Biography by

Centered around the prolific songwriting skills of singer/guitarist Tim Rogers, pop group You Am I was one of the most successful and internationally admired Australian bands of the '90s. At home, they've scored three number one albums, Sonic Youth and Soundgarden are counted among their admirers, and Silverchair even named themselves after a You Am I song. Their influences combine the Who, the Small Faces, the Jam, the Clash, and the Replacements.
Rogers formed his first band while studying arts/law at the Australian National University in Canberra, before forming the first version of You Am I with his school friend Nik Tischler and Tim's older brother, Jaimme, in December 1989. (The band name came from a conversation at a gig with a spaced-out fan spouting "You am I, I am you" philosophies.) Jaimme left the band after a fight with brother Tim at the end of 1990. Tischler left of his own accord because he didn't feel he could realize Tim's vision musically. Ultimately, they were replaced by the group's one-time sound mixer Andy Kent (bass) and Russell Hopkinson (drums), creating the classic three-piece rock lineup that has become the core of the band. 


1 High Chair 3:44
2 Burn To Stay 3:13
3 Shame 4:32
4 Crazy You Is 4:31
5 White & Skinny 4:00
6 Drink It Dry 3:56
7 New Face 3:20
8 Conscience 2:30
9 Snake Tide 5:30

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