07 April 2017

CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE Anthology (self titled) 1995


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Denver-based emo band Christie Front Drive was formed in the autumn of 1993 by singer/guitarist Eric Richter, guitarist Jason Begin, bassist Kerry McDonald and drummer Ron Marschall. Despite a relatively small recorded output which included a self-titled EP, a split ten-inch with Boy's Life and an appearance on the (Don't Forget to) Breathe compilation, the group quickly earned legendary status in emo circles, and remains a major influence on up-and-coming artists. Following the completion of the Stereo record, however, Christie Front Drive disbanded in May of 1996, with a handful of posthumous releases and reissues appearing in the years to follow. Begin and Marschall later reunited in the Blue Ontario, while Richter formed Antarctica. 


1 Turn 4:03
2 Dyed On 8 5:05
3 Long Out 4:28
4 Lot 5:33
5 Pipe 5:27
6 Dirt 3:54
7 Slide 5:20
8 Now I Do 4:10
9 4010 5:02
10 Away 3:55

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