04 April 2017

HUMAN RADIO self titled 1990

by request

Artist Biography by

Eclectic art pop group Human Radio was formed in Memphis in 1989 by frontman Ross Rice; signing to Columbia, in 1990 they issued their self-titled debut album, scoring a minor hit with "Me and Elvis." Upon moving to Nashville, Human Radio opted out of the Columbia contract, flirting with other labels and recording a batch of new demos before dissolving in the wake of a disheartening industry showcase gig. In 1997, Rice issued his solo debut, Umpteen.


1 Me And Elvis 3:26
2 I Don't Wanna Know 5:08
3 Hole In My Head 2:40
4 These Are The Days 3:38
5 Monkey Suit 3:54
6 My First Million 3:47
7 Electromagnetisma 3:43
8 N.Y.C 4:21
9 Another Planet 3:42
10 Harsh Light Of Reality 4:58

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