30 April 2017


Stranger Anxiety

Well and Good

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Since the fusion of a power trio with enthusiastic, positive and energetic rock dreams the eternal existence of kinetic power pop was insured. With so simple of a formula and a lack of daring songwriting or impressive chops, is it possible to pull a good slab out of this soup? Certainly, it is all about arrangement. If every band member plays all the time, there is no arrangement and the recording is fit to be discarded. In other situations, there is hope. Zoinks has a lot of hope and as much heart. A perky, warm bassline trades with a strident, distorted guitar. The drums initiate the changes in temp and keep the pace at a lively clip. The vocals are bright and vigorous. Often, a few members of this mix bow out and let the rest take the spotlight. That keeps things interesting and before you know it, the CD is over and the smile remains.

Stranger Anxiety


1 Dirty Underwear 2:11
2 Page Five (Blue Violet) 1:30
3 Roid Rage Talkshow 2:20
4 Ten Cent Stamps 2:22
5 Stumble 3:15
6 Bridge Over Brautigan 1:38
7 Pedestal 1:57
8 Hooray! 1:34
9 Not As If 2:29
10 Rope Tied 2:11
11 Last Song For Barbie 2:58
12 Sapsucker Sluggo 4:18
13 Brawler 3:27
14 Garbage 3:00
15 Carcinogen (Not About Smoking) 5:23
16 Yearbook 2:29
17 Locked In 2:27
18 False Face 2:31
19.1 New Shoes 21:00
19.2 False Face
19.3 New Shoes
19.4 Polyester Butterfly
19.5 Untitled

 Well and Good


1 Wooden Nickel
2 Through The Turnstile
3 Static
4 Well And Good
5 The Camper
6 Brazilian Crystals
7 Spotlight
8 Neighbors
9 Problem
10 Wage Slavery
11 Panorama
12 The Dragon Song
13 Untitled

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