01 May 2017

SCOTT 4 Recorded in State LP 1998

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Elektro Akoustic Und Volksmechanik
Electronic cowpunks Scott 4 -- the trio of vocalist Scott Blixen, guitarist John Moody and drummer Ed Tilley -- formed in early 1997; after debuting at a local folk club, they were soon signed to the independent label Satellite, issuing their debut EP Elektro Akoustic and Volksmechanik that August. The record's unique synthesis of punk, country and electronica immediately found critical favor, and the subsequent "Deutsche LP Record" was named "Single of the Week" in Melody Maker. After touring in support of the High Llamas, Scott 4 issued their full-length debut Recorded in State LP in early 1998, signing to major label V2 soon after.


1 Start-Up 1:14
2 Deutsche LP Record 3:27
3 East Winter 5:30
4 Aspirins 5:13
5 Your Kingdom To Dust 5:19
6 Plane 4:43
7 Cheese Fourtracks 4:27
8 Miss Goddess Nr.2 4:37
9 Zilch (Darkage & Laserfest) 5:01
10 Choke Bore 3:51
11 Philly's Song 5:03

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