19 May 2017

MAXIMILLIAN COLBY self titled 1996


Artist Biography by

The sadly obscure band Maximillian Colby was on the forefront of post punk music descended from East Coast hardcore. Like Jawbox, the band managed to match an aggressive clamor with somber melodies and became legendary to a small group of devoted fans.
Maximillian Colby began on the campus of James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia in the early 90s with Dave Nesmith and Drew Ringo on guitar and vocals, Bob Baynor on bass and vocals and Tom Richards on drums. Their first 7" on Washington D.C.'s Nervous Wreck Kids established the characteristics of their sound - intricate compositions and no boundaries. The band had two songs on Whirled Records compilations and then released their little-known classic split 12" with the Canadian band Shotmaker.
In 1995, Maximillian Colby was unfortunately cut short due to the sudden death of Bob Baynor. Following this tragedy, Nesmith and Ringo went on to form Sleepytime Trio with Ben Davis and Jonathan Fuller.

1 New Jello
2 Sifelaver
3 What's The Matter River
4 Coughfin'
5 Shoot Hypotenuse
6 Bluestone
7 Pretty Fix
8 Sparcly
9 Right Right Left
10 Cowboy Syndrome
11 Itt
12 Anacin
13 Last Name
14 Balance
15 Chuck

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