01 May 2017

BOTH WORLDS Memory Rendered Visible 1998

by request
hardcore featuring the lead singer from Cro-Mags

Artist Biography by

Serving as lead singer for the classic New York hardcore outfit the Cro-Mags and roadie for the legendary Bad Brains, Both Worlds vocalist John Joseph has quite an impressive resumé to his credit. Before the 1998 release of their debut full-length, the band (which also includes guitarist A.J. Novello, bassist Eddie Coen, and drummer Pokey) released an EP in 1996 entitled Beyond Zero Gravity (on the Another Planet label). Opening slots on cross-country tours for the likes of the Misfits, Helmet, and Life of Agony soon followed, helping the group to grow tighter musically and improve their stage show. After being signed to Roadrunner, Both Worlds hooked up with respected producer Michael Barbiero (Soundgarden, CIV, etc.), who handled the studio chores for their debut, Memory Rendered Visible. Fans expecting a Cro-Mags Part Two sound may be disappointed, since BW combines their hardcore roots with melodicism and more conventional singing. 


1 Cornered 2:22
2 Hate Mantra 3:07
3 Spiritual Flu 2:41
4 Space Junkies 3:32
5 Free Speech (Will Cost You) 3:54
6 Mode Of Ignorance 2:49
7 Karma Inc. 2:50
8 Over The Edge 2:52
9 Inner Outlet 2:46
10 Not Of This Body 3:01
11 Militant 3:42
12 When Innocence Was/Guru Deva 9:07

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