16 May 2017

THE PHANTOM SURFERS The Exciting Sounds Of Model Road Racing 1994

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XXX Party
Surf music revivalists the Phantom Surfers formed in early 1988 around the lineup of guitarists Johnny Bartlett and Mel Bergman, bassist Mike Lucas, and drummer Danny Seelig. Originally founded at the 11th hour to fill a cancelled gig at the University of California Santa Cruz, the group quickly emerged as an underground favorite, famed for their mystery-kitsch image (Lone Ranger masks were de rigeur) and carefully choreographed stage act; the debut Phantom Surfers LP 18 Deadly Ones followed on Norton Records in 1991 amidst a flurry of 7"s, and in the years to follow, the band remained frighteningly prolific, issuing albums and singles on over a dozen different labels (including discs with guitar legends Dick Dale and Davie Allan). In time, Seelig left the group to join the Hi-Fives and was replaced by drummer Russell Quan; in the wake of The Great Surf Crash of '97, Bartlett also handed in his resignation, with Maz Kattuah assuming his guitar duties. 2000's XXX Party featured contributions from comedy legends Rudy Ray "Dolomite" Moore and Clarence "Blowfly" Reid.


1 Introduction 1:35
2 Everybody Up 1:42
3 Death Of A Rookie 2:02
4 Schlock Slot 2:01
5 Slotter On 10th Avenue 1:55
6 Crossover Tragedy 1:39
7 Rheostat Rock 2:19
8 Pacific Shores 2:02
9 A Slot Car Named Desire 2:06
10 Turn Marshal 2:26
11 Stumps Of Mystery 2:30
12 Endurance Rally 1:35
13 Final Lap 1:32

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