20 April 2017


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Sounding like a bizarrely sweet and whimsical cross between progressive rock, psychedelia, and pure pop, Gorky's Zygotic Mynci were one of the most original and distinctive bands to emerge from the vital post-Brit-pop Welsh scene of the mid-'90s. Gorky's music followed unconventional time signatures and structures, as well as instrumentation (boasting everything from droning moog synthesizers to slurring trombones and steel guitars) and melodic patterns. Furthermore, the band's lyrics were rarely about conventional pop/rock subjects, and they frequently sang in Welsh, which made their already odd music sound even more alien to most listeners. Nevertheless, Gorky's developed a strong cult following in Britian, as well as America, ranking behind Super Furry Animals as the most popular band to emerge from the mid-'90s Welsh scene.


1 Diamond Dew 2:50
2 The Barafundle Bumbler 1:50
3 Starmoonsun 3:03
4 Patio Song 2:42
5 Better Rooms... 3:46
6 Heywood Lane 2:52
7 Pen Gwag Glas 3:58
8 Bola Bola 1:45
9 Cursed, Coined And Crucified 2:26
10 Sometimes The Father Is The Son 3:16
11 Meirion Wyllt 2:48
12 The Wizard And The Lizard 1:27
13 Miniature Kingdoms 4:18
14 Dark Night 4:47
15 Hwyl Fawr I Pawb 1:47
16 Wordless Song 3:20

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