08 December 2017

HAVANA 3 A.M. self titled 1991

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Texas Glitter & Tombstone Tales
Taking their name from an obscure Pérez Prado album, Havana 3 A.M. included former Clash bassist Paul Simonon, guitarist Gary Myrick (ex-Figures), and lead singer Nigel Dixon from Whirlwind. With Simonon aboard, there was built-in interest for their debut release, issued through IRS Records in spring 1991. Blending roots rock and punk, it received generally solid reviews and notched a minor radio hit with "Reach the Rock," and the band toured extensively promoting it. Simonon left the band afterwards to pursue a career in art and Dixon passed away from cancer. Myrick rebuilt the band with bass player Tom Felicetta and drummer Jamie Chez, releasing Texas Glitter & Tombstone Tales in 1996. It would be the only other release under the Havana 3 A.M. moniker, as Myrick would return to a solo career with 2001's Waltz of the Scarecrow King, which found him working with noted producer Tchad Blake


1 Joyride 2:54
2 Blue Motorcycle Eyes 3:52
3 Reach The Rock 4:14
4 Death In The Afternoon 4:18
5 Hole In The Sky 2:46
6 What About Your Future 4:40
7 The Hardest Game 3:48
8 Hey Amigo 4:24
9 Life On The Line 4:03
10 Surf In The City 2:37
11 Blue Gene Vincent 3:27
12 Living In This Town 4:17

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