22 December 2017

SAD LOVERS AND GIANTS Treehouse Poetry 1991

I posted this one because it appears to be out of print.

Artist Biography by

Sad Lovers and Giants are a British post-punk band influenced by psychedelia and folk music. Their clean-sounding but not over-produced recordings blend chiming guitars, atmospheric keyboards, urgent rhythms, and acerbic lyrics. Their music tips toward gloominess, but it avoids the melodramatic clichés of some of the more theatrical bands associated with '80s goth rock and new wave. Often likened to bands such as the Chameleons UK and the Cure's earliest work, they've gained a cult following, often referred to as a well-kept secret. The group have disbanded and re-formed several times since forming in the early '80s. 


1 Toy Planes In A Southern Sky 5:02
2 Lizard King 5:39
3 Still Restless 2:43
4 Parachute Of Love 4:41
5 Christmas On Easter Island 5:10
6 Criminally Sane 3:30
7 Jungle Of Lies 4:52
8 The Sky Is A Glove 5:44

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