11 December 2017


self titled

Another Sunny Afternoon

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Full of plenty of energy and fervor, Squirtgun plays melodic punk rock in the Lookout Records tradition, drawing on bands like the Descendents, Green Day and Screeching Weasel. The band formed in the fall of 1993 when punk rock producer and bassist Mass Giorgini decided to form a new band out of the remnants of his old band, Rattail Grenadier. With Rattail members Flav Giordini (guitar) and Dan Lumley (drums) in the lineup, the group recruited vocalist/guitarist Matt Hart of Freaks of Nature. In the spring of 1995, Squirtgun recorded their debut EP, Shenanigans, for Lookout. A song off this record, "Social," was then featured in the Kevin Smith film Mallrats. Their self-titled, full-length album was released later that year. After recruiting guitarist and vocalist Zac Damon for live shows, the band put out their second EP in 1996. Entitled Mary Ann, the record was a tribute to Mary Ann of Gilligan's Island, and the group shot a video featuring a cameo by actress Dawn Wells. Squirtgun's second album, Another Sunny Afternoon, came out in the spring of 1997. Afterwards, the bandmembers began to focus more attention on their other projects, including Screeching Weasel, the Mopes, Common Rider, and Simian. Their third and most propulsive full-length, Fade to Bright, was released on Honest Don's Records in the summer of 2003.  

self titled


1 Long So Long 2:00
2 Elaine On The Brain 1:50
3 Allergic To You 2:15
4 Mr. Orange 2:03
5 Liar's Corner 1:37
6 Social 3:52
7 With A Grin & A Kick 2:31
8 Morning Grit 1:14
9 Less Than Nothing 2:30
10 Make It Up 2:02
11 Headache All Day 2:06
12 Frederick's Frost 1:40

Another Sunny Afternoon


1 Field Trip 1:48
2 Mary Ann 2:32
3 Hey Louise 2:15
4 Another Sunny Afternoon 2:03
5 Butterbean 2:07
6 So Cool 1:57
7 Coffee 1:34
8 My Jeannette 1:51
9 Come On Let's Go! 1:49
10 Normal Girl 1:34
11 Without A Ticket 1:06
12 You're The Greatest 3:20

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