05 January 2020

SCRID The Island of Misfit Toys 1997

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In 1993, the small Midwestern town of Fort Madison, IA, got a treat of deranged noise upon the debut of Scrid. But by 1994, Bronson Karaff (bass), Nate Gurtman (drums), John Hopkins (guitar), and Craig Owsley (vocals) eventually brought their chaotic hullabaloo a few miles over to Iowa City. Three years of touring the United States would follow before Ismist Records released Scrid's first album, The Island of Misfit Toys, in 1997. Resulting in a number of Killdozer, Cows, and Nine Pound Hammer comparisons, another two years of playing throughout the Midwest took place before their split with Sludgeplow came out in 1999.


1 Oralfice 6:31
2 Pigeon Fishin 6:07
3 Bruised (What a Difference a Day Makes) 2:49
4 Before 4:30
5 Moist 3:52
6 Hedgehog 5:37
7 Blister 5:19
8 Thanks A Lot 3:39
9 Pornasaurus 5:43
10 (Hidden Track - Untitled) 15:55

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