30 January 2020

SLEESTAK The Power of Gemini 1997


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Like their zipper-showing namesakes, these reptiles of dissonance are barking a lot, but one can see through their plans. The first track, "Endo" offers periodic shell-bursts of unsettling noise. This is the mere Cerebus at the Gates of Sleestak Hell. Much of the rest of the recording has more to do with Kato Hideki than Merzbow. Still, great fare for forcefully digressing from the mundane word. Their publicist wants you to think they are "scary" and their label passes it off as a contrived experiment sonic torture. Actually, if you like noise rock, like me, you will find this adventurous, compositional and heavily mixed with ambient cacophony.


1 Endo 5:06
2 Mothball Coffin 8:12
3 ¡Viva! Santanas 4:50
4 Enök 7:15
5 Transoceanic 2:21
6 Japanese Subway Attack 1:45
7 Sherman's Bereavement 3:05
8 No Fishing Here! 2:40
9 John Cage S.B.D. 0:04
10 Fortress Of Solitude 16:45
11 Brown Bag 5:20
12 Jolt Dreams (W/Stipe) 1:16
13 Phantom Of The Mothra 13:45
14 John Cage S.B.D.² 0:06

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