15 January 2020

BEHEAD THE PROPHET NLSL I Am That Great And Fiery Force 1996


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It's safe to say that all five members of Behead the Prophet, No Lord Shall Live have about ten years of bad days saved up, and that they take it all out on their music. Seriously, a lot of this is just pure noise that's barely kept in beat while "singer" Joshua Plague spouts off at the top of his lungs; but it's all good though. As chaotic as most of this is, it's hard not to bob your head to "I Am That Great and Fiery Force," heck it could even instigate a night of frat house bashing -not that Behead the Prophet advocate violence, but they could inspire it if the right button is pushed and it's put to good use. Has it been mentioned that these guys have a violin player who just improvises noise?


1 The Apocalypse Through Sound
2 Sacrifice On The Altar Of Convenience
3 Adam Faith
4 Lewd Lewd Lewd
5 He's The King Of Everything
6 Scrambled Jack
7 All Day Interference
8 History Died Laughing
9 Separated States
10 Crypted Control
11 Baby Loves To Watch Me Sleep
12 In The Garden
13 Firebrand
14 They Shall Not Pass
15 S.S. Seventeen
16 Part-Time Executioner Of Hearts
17 Nausea
18 Zero-Zero Night Vision
19 Blasting Through Nothing
20 Obscene Tank Driver
21 Poison Tree
22 Welcome To The New Killer Bees

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