28 January 2020

ADAM SCHMITT Illiterature 1993


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Singer/songwriter Adam Schmitt first won acclaim in the early '90s when his 1991 debut album, World So Bright, and 1993 follow-up, Illiterature, had critics hailing him as a young pop genius. However, when his label Reprise didn't want to release a third album from him, Schmitt decided to record other artists instead, engineering, producing, and mastering music for Tommy Keene, Hum, Beezus, Robynn Ragland, and others in his home studio. By 1998, Schmitt was ready to concentrate on his own music again, but his perfectionism and production work delayed the release of his third effort until the middle of 2001. That album, Demolition, was issued by Parasol; Schmitt started out as a producer by working with many of the label's artists.


1 Just Listen 3:52
2 Waiting To Shine 3:23
3 Felt So Cool 3:00
4 Catching Up 3:21
5 Three Faces West 6:53
6 Illiterature 3:33
7 More Of The Same 4:17
8 Rip It Off 2:58
9 Me And You 4:16
10 Shreds 4:12
11 Thanks For Showing 6:09
12 Flow 7:14

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