23 March 2020

MAGOO The Soateramic Sounds Of Magoo 1997



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The Soateramic Sounds of Magoo
Playing a handful of empty shows at various Norwich watering holes is how the Magoo story started in 1993. They would spend two years living this lifestyle while gigging throughout England before becoming studio addicts in 1995. With three singles on their own Noisebox Records -- including "Mudshark," "Robot Carnival," and 1996's "Eye Spy" -- as well as some recognition from radio personality John Peel, Magoo found their setting in the British indie rock environment with their first album The Soateramic Sounds of Magoo. Released by Chemikal Underground in 1997, this opened a few more doors for Magoo, including some dates with Guided by Voices, the Delgados, and a split 7" with Mogwai. After another handful of singles such as "A to Z and Back Again," "Red Lines (Are Fine)" and the singles compilation "Close Continental D.N.A." all released in 1997, the following year saw another tour with The Delagods, Cornershop, the EP Swiss Border Escape and their second album Vote the Pacifist Ticket Today.  


1 The Starter's Gun 2:54
2 A To Z And Back Again 3:47
3 Your Only Friend 2:22
4 Telling You Lies 3:00
5 Red Lines (Are Fine) 2:12
6 The Guilt Club 1:28
7 The Advantage Of Noise 4:44
8 Have You Heared ? 0:42
9 The Social Event Of The Year 3:15
10 Soaterama 1:07
11 The Queen Of The 8-Bus Singers 4:35
12 It's Not Going To Stop 2:58
13 Hello... 1:21
14 Playing Cards With The Stars 3:11
15 British Cars 2:54
16 This Red Earth 3:20
17 Say Goodnight 1:53
18 Lonley Legionairre 2:27
19 Careering Dice (A Loose Dear Santa) 1:32
20 Melodra 1:00
21 Bebe Alights 3:13
22 Dutch Dynamico 1:18
23 Train Of Thought 2:16

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