16 March 2020

POST MARKED STAMPS Various Artists 1999



1 Aspera Ad Astra Black In The Eye
2 Cerberus Shoal A Lighthouse In Athens Part 1
3 Braid Forever Got Shorter
4 Ethel Meserve Belated Blues
5 The Get Up Kids I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel...
6 Compound Red Building
7 Rainer Maria Pincushion
8 Jen Wood Sheltering Arms For The Birds
9 Still Life (2) Looks Like Tommorow
10 The Deadwood Divine And Where Did I Leave Off
11 Giants Chair Lost Dauphin
12 A Minor Forest Inter Continental Stalker
13 The Hal Al Shedad Solitaire
14 Sweep The Leg Johnny Walking Home ...
15 Haelah Fallen Away
16 Very Secretary Nagarkot
17 Ida (3) Post Prom Disorder
18 Tim Kinsella A Picture Postcard

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