15 March 2020

NANCY BOY self titled 1996


Artist Biography by

The L.A. band Nancy Boy has their roots -- stylistically and genetically -- in rock & roll's past. The group was formed by vocalist Donovan Leitch and guitarist Jason Nesmith in the early '90s. If the names sound familiar, they should: Leitch is the son of '60s psychedelic pop star Donovan (of "Mellow Yellow" fame) while Nesmith is the offspring of the Monkees' Mike Nesmith. Because of their celebrity bloodlines and Leitch's status as a well-known male model for Calvin Klein, Nancy Boy was greeted with skepticism when they released their debut album, Promosexual, in 1995, followed by Nancy Boy on Elektra Records in 1996. However, Nancy Boy's upbeat glam rock revival did little to attract listeners still caught in the maelstrom of grunge. Nesmith left the band a few years later, recording a solo effort, Greetings From Pleasure Island, in 2001. 


01 Deep Sleep Motel
02 Can You Dig It?
03 Johnny Chrome & Silver
04 Sometimes
05 Colors
06 Foxtrot
07 Rocking Chair
08 Dearest Girl
09 I Don't Mind
10 Mother's Ruin
11 W.R.I.P.
12 Ultrasex
13 You Deserve A Place

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