24 May 2020

HELLMENN Electric Crazy Land 1991

Australian skate-punk/hardcore band, active since 1986. The Hellmenn came blasting out of Sydney's northern beaches skate punk scene like a rocket from the tombs of hell. The bands fierce sound mixed Black Flag with Black Sabbath by the way of an environmental manifesto. The Bands original image was of a drug-crazed surf punks looking for good times and loud rock'n'roll, which said more about a desire to create mayhem as opposed to creating great art. On the otherhand, singer Ben Brown was also well known for his grotesque, demented artwork which was an extension of the bands frantic approach to music making.
The Hellmenn signed to the label and issued the hardcore mini-albums Herbal Lunacy (December 1987) and Barstard Sons of 10 000 000 Maniacs (November 1988). The second was populated by such unhinged characters as the 'Tripping Priest' and 'Sluggo'. Yet, among the chaos, there was some semblance of order. The title Herbal Lunacy for example reflected the band's interest in herbal medicine (Hopkins is a qualified naturopath). The band contributed a cover of 'Search and Destroy' to Au-go-go's Stooges tribute album Hard to Beat (1988). 


1 Broker
2 Window
3 Touch
4 Longarm
5 Loaded
6 Whirlwind
7 Possums
8 Dawn Patrol
9 Lost
10 Foxy Lady
11 Sluggo
12 Tomorrow
13 The Tripping Priest
14 So Bad
15 Out Of Control
16 Manly
17 Locked In
18 Wicked Brew
19 Bobby's Butcher Boys

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