05 May 2020

HIS NAME IS ALIVE Great Lakes State Blues 1996

by request

Recorded at Zoot's in Detroit, MI on 27 September 1996. Subtitled as "Concert Near The Lake, Detroit, Michigan, 1996". 

Artist Biography by

Home Is in Your Head
One of rock's most eclectic acts, Livonia, Michigan's His Name Is Alive have explored shoegaze, folk, '60s pop, electronic music, R&B, hard rock, and metal during their decades-spanning career. In the early '90s, they helped define the sound of the arty indie label 4AD with albums such as Home Is in Your Head and Mouth by Mouth; as time went on, their rotating lineup mirrored their ever-changing sounds. Defever and company explored sunny, Beach Boys-tinged pop on 1996's Stars on ESP just as deftly as they channeled gospel and R&B on 2001's Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth. Later in the decade, they fused their dream pop roots with touches of African and Asian music on 2007's Xmmer. His Name Is Alive entered a particularly creative period in the 2010s, combining the ambitious and heavy sounds of prog and metal with ethereal vocals on the concept albums Tecuciztecatl (2014) and Patterns of Light (2016). 


1 Untitled 1:39
2 Untitled 3:15
3 Untitled 3:14
4 Untitled 4:38
5 Untitled 4:07
6 Untitled 4:26
7 Untitled 6:01
8 Untitled 3:11
9 Untitled 3:17
10 Untitled 4:46
11 Untitled 2:00

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