04 May 2020




The Honey Buzzards were a Norwich, England based band who achieved significant independent music success in the early 1990s.
They were formed by Ian Thompson (born 1971, vocals/guitar), Simon Shaw (born 1972, bass) and Matthew Wayne (born 1971, drums) at Norwich School in 1988. In 1991 they were joined by Nate Ingram (born 1970) and John Evans (born 1972) as guitarists, a lineup which was to become their most settled. They took their name from a 17th-century British painting. Their sound was influenced by an art school sensibility, The Velvet Underground, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions and latterly The Stone Roses.
They released two singles on Manchester-based Sheer Joy Records, "Sympathy (For Two Girls)" (1991) and "Starhappy" (1992), both of which made the Top 20 of the Indie Chart, and issued a promo single with remixes by The Orb.[1] The track "Pale Horse" graced the indie cassette compilation Under Wild East Anglian Skies. Their strongest sales were in Scandinavia, particularly Sweden. 15 years after the band split, the single "Starhappy" was touted by Cloudberry as an indie classic.


A Starhappy
B1 Sleepwalker
B2 Balancing Act

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