13 September 2020

GET YER LA-LA'S OUT! The Minty Fresh Singles Anthology I 1996



1 Stump The Host California Zephyr
2 Stump The Host World's Greatest Liar
3 The Hit Parade Hitomi
4 The Hit Parade If You See Her
5 Love Jones (2) I Like Young Girls
6 Love Jones (2) Li'l Black Book
7 Liz Phair Carnivore
8 Liz Phair Carnivore (Raw)
9 Every Good Boy Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home
10 Every Good Boy City Life
11 Veruca Salt Seether
12 Veruca Salt All Hail Me
13 The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group Mij Amsterdam
14 The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group Minneapolis
15 The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group Jody
16 Papas Fritas Passion Play
17 Papas Fritas Lame To Be
18 The Sugarplastic Where Dead Bullies Go
19The Sugarplastic Liar Over Winchester

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