25 September 2020

TEN-O-SEVEN You're Cool 1993



Ten-O-Seven formed in 1989 at a Mudhoney show in Seattle and split up in 1994. Bassist and drummer were changed during the years but Matt Matsuoka (Vocals/Guitar) and Jeff Ganson (Guitar) hanged in there. After Ten-O-Seven split up Matt-O-Seven became Matt Rocket in Red Rocket which released a seven inch ("Jane Wiedlin") and a CD ("July") in 1995 but has now broken up.


1 Go To Hell
2 A Disappointment
3 Darkest Days
4 The Boy Who Could Fly
5 Still Here
6 Didn't Know
7 Pogo
8 Thee Undertaker
9 Drainwinder
10 Mister Bundy
11 My Friend, Dog
12 Die Without You
13 Nobody Is Lonely

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