20 June 2021

SLEEPY PEOPLE Typhoid & Swans 1997




Artist Biography by Dean Carlson

The hard-working and militantly indie Sleepy People formed around the Christmas of 1991 when the provincial Paul Hope and Rachel Theresa united with their old college friends Andrew "Tiny" Wood, Richard Green, and Andy Peace to kick off one of the most confusing and convoluted band Venn diagrams of the British 1990s. The Newcastle band's obscure sound, along the lines of Shellac recording the Field Mice's For Keeps, was rooted in the band's establishment of their own frenzied rehearsal house known as Sleepy Hall. Here, amidst soundproofing, frequent parties, and occasional practices, the band roped in keyboardist Liz Wardby and grew enough confidence to make their live debut in February of 1992 and later embark on a devouring two-year tour consisting of over 120 stops. But the schedule paid its toll and Sleepy People's revolving door policy began to turn ever so slowly. Liz Wardby left the band, and it wasn't long before Wood, Green, Peace, and Pete Haslem, who had just replaced Wardby, split from the band to pursue more immediate success in London under the indie-prog madmen banner of Ultrasound.



1 Halfway World 2:41
2 Soporific Life 5:50
3 100 Years Ago 4:59
4 She Laughs Until She Stops 4:19
5 Home Is Where Your Telly Is 3:04
6 Nicky's Little Army 5:47
7 Everything You Know Is Wrong 6:22
8 Everything You Need To Know 3:45
9 Typhoid & Swans 3:11
10 Strange Planet (including secret track Go at 5:38) 10:09

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