26 June 2021



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Artist Biography by Timothy Monger

A dreamy folk-pop band from Pennsylvania who found niche success in the alt-rock community of the early '90s, the Innocence Mission's wistful sound is led by the husband-and-wife duo of Don and Karen Peris. Along with bassist Mike Bitts and drummer Steve Brown, they released a trio of well-regarded albums for A&M, the most visible of which was 1995's Glow, which yielded the folky sleeper hit "Bright as Yellow," a staple of modern rock radio and the Empire Records soundtrack. After slimming down to an acoustic trio with the departure of Brown, the band ushered in a successful second phase as a chamber folk act beginning with 1999's critically acclaimed Birds of My Neighborhood and continued into the 2010s with late-period highlights like 2007's We Walked in Song and 2018's Sun on the Square. The Innocence Mission continued working into the next decade with the glowing full-length See You Tomorrow.



1 Keeping Awake 3:59
2 Bright As Yellow 3:33
3 Brave 3:52
4 That Was Another Country 4:18
5 Speak Our Minds 2:56
6 Happy, The End 3:38
7 Our Harry 2:24
8 Go 3:08
9 Everything's Different Now 3:17
10 Spinning 3:16
11 There 3:58
12 I Hear You Say So 2:11


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