22 June 2021

SWALLOW Blow 1992




A not too flattering review below, but don't let that stop you from checking out the band.

AllMusic Review by Nitsuh Abebe

Any early-'90s 4AD release is bound to have certain Cocteau Twins qualities, and Blow is no exception -- unfortunately, Swallow's vaguely danceable grooves add about three cups of water for every cup of pure art-rock influence, and the album comes across as a dated exercise in marginal blissfulness. There's a certain pop appeal to the album's tracks, and it probably won't disappoint those who are utterly dedicated to the arty genre defined by 4AD releases, but Blow simply doesn't distinguish itself from the legions of similarly inspired records that swept Britain during the label's heyday.



1 Lovesleep 4:57
2 Tastes Like Honey 4:39
3 Sugar Your Mind 4:02
4 Mensurral 4:04
5 Peekaboo 5:11
6 Lacuna 2:22
7 Oceans And Blue Skies 3:37
8 Follow Me Down 4:49
9 Halo 2:57
10 Cherry Stars Collide 3:45
11 Head In A Cave 6:37

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