07 May 2012

MAVIS PIGGOTT In a Dark Suit 1997

By request
Reupped January 2013


by Steve Huey
A hard-rocking, (mostly) female post-grunge band based in Seattle, Mavis Piggott never caught the attention of the public at large. Less abrasive than Hole or Babes in Toyland, less girlish than Veruca Salt, their music fell somewhere in between; it also met with general indifference from critics, who usually found it solid but lacking distinction. Guitarist/vocalist Meghan Adkins teamed up with drummer Nicole "Nicky" Thomas to found Mavis Piggott; Thomas had previously played with the all-female Dischord band the Fire Party before relocating from Washington, D.C., to the West Coast. Adding bassist John Wickhart, late of the recently defunct Hush Harbor, Mavis Piggott signed with Flydaddy and debuted with a 1995 EP called Late Bloom. Their first full-length album, You Can Be Low, arrived in 1996 and slipped largely under the radar. A second album, In a Dark Suit, followed in 1999 and received slightly more attention, but failed to win them a wider audience, and the group quietly faded …  » Read more