06 May 2012

NEW SWEET BREATH Supersound Speedway 1995

By request


by Mike DaRonco
With an influential presence's of Superchunk and Butterglory to top their own maturity of noise ridden pop, Seattle's New Sweet Breath provided another step away from the grunge angst in which their hometown became famous for. Consisting of Graig Markel (vocals/Guitars), Nicholas Markel (bass), Christopher Hazel (drums) and Stephan Mollmann (guitars), New Sweet Breath's discography began in 1995 with their first album Supersound Speedway, before providing 1996 with a slew of releases. Including three seven-inch EPs and two splits with Sinkhole and Hefty, New Sweet Breath also provided that year with their second album Demolition Theater on Ringing Ear Records. Following an US tour and a signing with Big Top Records in 1997, their third full-length A Shotgun Down An Avalanche also came out that year.

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