05 May 2012


Upped by El Diablo con Queso



by John Bush
The North Carolina indie punk band Picasso Trigger was formed in 1989 by vocalist Kathy Poindexter, guitarist Lisa Cooper, and bassist Samuel Mintu. The trio used several drummers during the early '90s before finally settling on Johnny Williams. Picasso Trigger released several singles for local labels during the early '90s, and signed to Alias Records by 1993. The band's debut album, Fire in the Hole, appeared in early 1994 and was followed by an EP, T'Aint. One year later, Alias issued Bipolar Cowboy. 


by Nitsuh Abebe
T'ain't is the step between the aggressive riff-rock of Picasso Trigger's Fire in the Hole! and the more focused, angular and low-fi LP Bipolar Cowboy -- on this six-track EP, the band drops some of the trashy Southern rock influences that hampered the former and develops the scratchy, more punk-oriented aggression of the latter. As an almost exact midpoint, T'ain't combines the appeals of both sounds, but doesn't completely live up to either. It is, however, a step in a very good direction, as Bipolar Cowboy comes across as a more worthwhile release than its predecessor. 


1 Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel 2:07
2 455 1:47
3 Infinite Belching Baby Boy 1:53
4 Red Headed Retard 2:00
5 Kiss Me Where It Counts 2:12
6 Anti'd 2:13


J. Milione said...

Tain't is one of the finest nuggets of 90s punk music. Supreme up!

IHateThe90s said...